Sanuvox Air Purifier For A Healthier Home

Sanuvox Air Purifier

Sanuvox Air Purifier: Today most homes have a central air system that keeps the school in the summer and warm in the winter time. What most people don’t know is that the systems that spread the heat and cool throughout our homes can also spread airborne contaminants throughout the house.

Bacteria mold and other allergens such as pollen are carried by the air into the air system and because the air system constantly recirculates sanuvox air purifierthis air throughout your house.

These airborne pathogen’s can spread throughout the entire house, some are only annoying but some can make you sick. If left unchecked these contaminants can clog your air handling system and become a breeding ground for these germs and bacteria.

Indoor air quality is in the top five of the EPA’s environmental health risks today.

The good news is making your indoor air quality better is simple and the answer is light, ultraviolet light to be specific. Safe effective germicidal ultraviolet light. For a very long time it’s been common knowledge among scientists the power of UV light against germs and bacteria, it is used in a wide variety of applications instead of using dangerous chemicals.

Now the safe and effective method of illuminating bacteria and germs can be added to your HVAC system easily using the Sanuvox Air purification system.

Sanuvox Air Purifier Is The Leader In Ultraviolet Air Treatment

Sanuvox is a leader in ultraviolet air treatment technology for effective in duct and standalone systems. Since 1995 it’s been there mission to develop indoor air quality thru air sterilization systems that would address sick buildings. Home Pro’s proud to offer the residential lineup of these unsurpassed air purification systems to our customers.

Sanuvox uses both UVC and UVV light wave lengths the same that are produced by the sun. UVC wave lengths kills microorganisms on the molecular level and you UVV oxidizes chemicals and odors into odorless byproducts.

Another nice feature of the Sanuvox system is the J lamp. It has a three-year lifespan and has the intensity of two UV lamps at the replacement cost of only one.

Come into the home pro store today and witness the effectiveness of the whole home Sanuvox system or the portable system.

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