Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and IAQ

Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and IAQ


Volatile organic compoundsWhy should be be worried about volatile organic compounds in our homes? For most people a lot of times it’s just an irritant. When you move into a brand-new place or you’ve done some renovations the new material such as flooring, cabinets, paint put off VOC’s and can irritate your breathing. VOCs can also come from many other sources such as household cleaning chemicals, air fresheners and cosmetic products. 

How do you know if you have VOCs in your home?

This take some specialized equipment that is brought into the home during an air-quality test that will tell in real time the amount of VOC’s or volatile organic compounds that are in the air. Usually the problem isn’t with only one source of VOCs but the combination of many smaller sources of VOCs that add up and create an indoor air quality problem. 

What are some of things that you could do to reduce the amount of VOCs in your home?

The first step would be to remove the source of VOCs if possible, there are other methods such as mechanically exchanging the air in your home more frequently using a air exchanger hooked up to your HVAC system. You can also put in a better filtration system such as the HEPA unit that will remove most of the VOC pollutants out of the air. Home Pros offers many different types of filtration systems that are both portable or attached directly to you HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning ) System. Please go to our HVAC page here: Home Pros HVAC

More Information on Volatile organic compounds can be found here at the EPA’s websites.

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