Toxic Mold – Effects on Indoor Air Quality

Toxic Mold – Effects on Indoor Air Quality

Toxic moldFirst off let’s start by saying that not all molds are toxic and it’s not always possible to avoid toxic mold. All molds whether they are toxic or not can cause respiratory concerns especially if you have allergies or if you’re sensitive to fungi.

Toxic molds cause numerous health problems by releasing mycotoxins. These mycotoxins affect people that are generally healthy and people that have challenged immune system’s. The most common toxic mold found in a household is called Stachybotrys chartarum, This slimy mold is black and greenish and requires constant moisture to grow. The mycotoxins found this mold is what causes the problems not the mold itself.

What Types Of Health Concerns Are Linked To Toxic Mold?

Well toxic mold’s are blamed for a large variety of health problems mycotoxins commonly affects the lungs. Respiratory problems involving coughing and wheezing are commonly associated even in healthy people. People who are sensitive to mold will commonly get a runny nose, skin rashes and irritated eyes.

If you find toxic mold in your home your best defense is removing it at the source. When it is simply a mold that is built up on a hard surface it can be removed by scrubbing with bleach at a ratio of one cup per gallon of water or readily available commercial products. If the mold has grown into a porous surface such as drywall or ceiling tiles or you have large amounts of mold it may be necessary to call in a professional contractor.

To keep mold from returning once you’ve eliminated it you must get rid of the moisture that would allow it to grow in the first place. The most common area for toxic mold growth is in basements or areas where you have a leaky roof or leaky plumbing. Make sure you always use a bathroom exhaust fan to remove excess moisture after showers, also never carpet your bathroom because the carpet can trap moisture. If you’re remodeling and painting walls especially where mold is common be sure to add a mold inhibitor to the paint. Finally always try to keep your relative humidity in your home between 40 and 60%.

If you have mold growth in your duct work you may need professional furnace cleaning and duct cleaning service with the addition of specialized chemicals to remove all sources of mold in your HVAC system.


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