Radon Gas – Is It In Your Home?

Radon Gas – Is It In Your Home?

radon gas
Radon gas is a silent, odorless, invisible radioactive gas that creeps into your home typically through cracks in your basement foundation.

Even though that’s estimated that more than 3000 Canadians die every year from the radioactive gas radon building up in their home and causing lung cancer many people are still unaware of its existence.

This radioactive radon gas is a direct result of decaying uranium found in our soil. It enters through our basement foundation’s wherever small holes or cracks can be found such as sump pump openings, drains, utility lines or cracks in the foundation. Once radon has entered the home it can be quickly spread throughout living areas by the HVAC system putting you and your family at risk of read on poisoning.

Most people think the lung cancer is simply
caused by smoking but in reality 16% of all lung cancer deaths in Canada are caused by radon exposure, second only to tobacco.

Testing is easy but it does take time, the best time is in the fall and winter when most windows and doors are closed. The kit is placed in strategic areas around the home and once the data is gathered it is sent to a lab for test results.

If your home is found to have on safe levels of radon present mitigation is an easy solution and the team at home pros be happy to talk to you about it.

Recent Radon Gas Study By HarvardRadon gas

A recent study from Harvard University backs up what many companies in the radon detection and mitigation industry already know, that radon gas kills approximately 25,000 people in North America every year.

All home owners should have their homes tested for this very dangerous radioactive gas. 

Home Pros Group is assisting homeowners who are concerned about the potential levels of radon gas in their homes by providing radon detection and mitigation services. 

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