Pet Dander Is Your Pet Making You Sneeze?

Pet Dander Is Your Pet Making You Sneeze?

Pet Dander Pet Dander: Pets are important component of many peoples lives, these furry and feathered animals are usually kept in People’s homes. No question pets can add to the quality of life for many but can also create unique indoor allergy concerns for many people. 

These allergens can also become airborne because of their small size, they can remain in the air for a long time and additionally be distributed throughout your home by your heating and air-conditioning system. 

Common symptoms due to pet allergies include itchy, swollen and inflamed eyes, as well as runny nose, congestion and wheezing. Some people who suffer from asthma can have their condition triggered by pet allergens. 

Did you know that people with oversensitive immune system’s are the cause for pet allergies?

What Is It About Pet Dander That Affects People?

People with pet allergies react to proteins that are harmless in your pets dander, urine or saliva. This results in the allergic reaction.

The same proteins can also aggravate asthma symptoms in people.

To make matters worse once a pet returns indoors after playing outside there fur can collect pollen, mold spores and other allergens from the outside and bring them into your home increasing allergic reactions.

Pet Dander Research

Research shows that there’s truly no hypoallergenic breeds of dogs or cats but you can take other measures to help prevent allergy and asthma symptoms from occurring.

16690 113 Ave Home Pros StoreUsing anti-allergen pet shampoo’s will help remove animal dander. If you have your carpets professionally cleaned make sure they use a pre-spray that is designed for removing pet dander and other allergy causing particles but doesn’t contain heavy chemicals.

There are also anti-allergen sprays that destroy allergens found in dust mites, pollen’s, mold and mildew and pet dander on contact.

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